Original Novels & Short Stories

Epoch of the Far Dawn by Richard Barrett

A non-stop action-packed Space Drama. Follow two-fisted Lawson Fuller as he discovers the secrets of the settlers of Xoshana!

Read it HERE!

Prentice Dolphin by James Lafond

A genre-bending tale about a young Monk who saddles up with the Kingdom’s Knights on a great crusade in a time and place closer than you think….

Read it HERE!

Planet Buzzkill: Road Killing by James Lafond

Just how would normal people react if killer spiders from space descended from the stars? James Lafond will show you!

Read it HERE!

The Jericho Bone by James Lafond

It’s horror from space and history as an ungodly plague descends upon Egypt in 1201, turning mankind into monstrosities the likes of which have never before been seen!

Read it HERE!

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