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Are you sick of the effeminate entertainment society seeks to shove down your throat?

Are you sick of the books, comics, and movies that leave you mindless and dead inside after partaking?

Are you looking for entertainment that’s more than just entertainment…that teaches, inspires, and shows you the way to be a man in a harsh world?

We feel your pain. And we’re here to do something about it.


If you’re a…

  • Soldier…
  • Cop…
  • Average Joe…
  • Intellect sick of the BS…

Then Pulp Fiction Renaissance is the place for you! 

Our humble online abode is dedicated to the preservation of the unique 19th and 20th Century Western Warrior Art form colloquially known as “Pulp Fiction”. 

“Pulp Fiction!” I can hear you say. “Isn’t that a Quentin Tarantino movie?”

Well, not exactly!


You see, for centuries, the Indo-European, Confrontational Western Warriors have been telling their stories in ballads and epics around campfires and in manuscripts cloistered in abbeys, all to pass their wisdom and heritage to the next generation to take up the sword. 

From The Iliad and The Odyssey and Beowulf all the way to The Knights of the Round Table and Shakespeare himself, the Western Warrior’s voice has rung out like a beacon of truth and light in a deceitful and dark world for thousands of years. 

But alas, that great civilization that the Western Warrior built on his broad back finally turned against him.


From the 1890s-1940s, high society decided it didn’t have time for the Western Warrior Culture of Confrontation anymore. To them, it was an embarrassing relic of a by-gone time, a symbol of past barbarism that they equated with the predatory enemies that the Western Warriors fought so hard against! 

And so like Zeus banished Prometheus to the Mountaintop for giving man the gift of fire, the gatekeepers that be banished to the narrative and pictorial Art of the Western Warrior tradition to a low-brow literary ghetto they called “The Pulps.” 

“The Pulps” were cheap, mass-produced, paperback books considered too “juvenile” to be taken seriously, considered the worst kind of “Fiction” it’s tales of daring-do too extreme to offer anything of value to the Ivory Tower geniuses running the world. 

But like Prometheus who laughed at the carrions cursed to eat his flesh day in and day out as he was chained upon the Mountaintop, the Western Warriors banished to the ghetto of Pulp Fiction laughed too.

For through their prison, they would give mankind the gift of fire.


WWI Veterans, Cops, Cowboys, Sailors, Mercenaries, Miners, and Boxers,  all classically educated in the myth and literature of Ancient Rome, Greece, and the Medieval Age, flocked to the Pulp Fiction magazines! 

They became its Editors and Authors and Illustrators, and turned them into a verdant oasis of Confrontational Warrior values, passing their heritage and wisdom onto the next generation of warriors, just as their ancestors did!

With a bigger-than-ever reach through mass-production and the growing literacy of the public, millions of young boys and men all around the Western World flocked to the artistic creations of their civilization’s guardians, absorbing the lessons of their fighting forefathers, and ultimately creating a Warrior Values renaissance!


It is this form of Art, Pulp Fiction, the Warrior Epics of Western Civilization in the 19th and 20th Centuries, which we seek here to pay tribute too.  

But we don’t just seek to pay tribute alone. 

No, we seek to expand Pulp Fiction’s reach and follow into its footsteps for a new generation of readers, hungry for the Confrontational Western Warrior Philosophy of old!

We seek a new Pulp Fiction Renaissance!

New books and stories featuring not only the best writing styles and literary tricks of the old Pulp Masters, but also the Philosophy and Values of struggle and battle and Confrontational strife that made the genre great!

If the state of the world and its fiction has got you down, well then, this is the place for you!

An Edifice of Cultural History and an Oasis of Artistic Renewal, for the Warrior. 

Whoever you are! 

Join us on this great adventure! May our Artistic and Literary contributions make our the Heroes of Old proud! 


Richard Barrett

Chief Editor, Publisher, Writer

James Lafond

Writer, Genre Curator

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