Fitness & Fighting: Pulp Fiction Practice!

If you’ve been reading Pulp Fiction Renaissance this year, then you’ve seen that I have been writing extensively about my experience in the Fitness and Fighting arenas.

I have been pursuing this path for 7 years, and only now do I feel competent enough to write about it. I don’t like posing as an expert on things I don’t truly understand. In today’s social media-driven world, there are far too many examples of the blind leading the blind.

I don’t need to add to the problem!

But with 7 years of extensive research and experience under my belt, I feel I’m just as good as the best to be able to write about these topics. 

My goal with this website is to illustrate the heroics of Pulp Fiction, those heroics that have so influenced me

As such, you’ll see a lot more workout reviews for exercises specifically for the fighting man!

So without further ado, check out our selection of Fitness and Fighting Articles from Pulp Fiction Renaissance!


Richard Barrett


Written at 9:30 PM at an Applebee’s somewhere in the USA…

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