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When people see that I’ve written and published two history books, The Forgotten History of WWI: From the Dark Ages to 1939 and All Men Follow the Strongman: The Forgotten History of the Iraq War, they usually think: 

“Hey, that guy is a writer!” Or “He’s an Editor!” Or “He’s a Historian!”

And to some degree they’re right. But not completely…

The truth is, I’m not just a writer. I’m not just an editor. I’m not just a historian!

I’m a Craftsman

And what’s more, I’m a specific type of Craftsman. I am the Craftsman of Inspiring, Fighting, Heroic War Stories.

There’s not many people in this specific niche. Because it takes a specific blend of two elements to pull telling such a story off!

What are those two elements, you ask? 

The Strategic and the Tactical

The Strategic element consists of things like Characterization, Plot Structure, and Mythological Themes unique to the Warrior Caste values and attendant experiences. They’re the deep foundation of the story being told.

The Tactical element is when all the above elements are tied together with a fast-paced, action-packed, evocative writing style to make the story come to life on the printed page. 

Now most writers?

They only bring the Tactical to the table. 

But I’m the one-stop shop for both Strategic and Tactical…because it’s the mastery of both that separates the men from the boys when you’re telling an Inspiring, Fighting, Heroic War Story. 

What’s more, I’m always keeping my knife sharp. For over a decade, I’ve studied the masters of my chosen craft from across the centuries…from Homer to Thomas Mallory, from Shakespeare to John Wayne.

And I continue to sharpen my knife every day!

  • I’m the Chief Editor of this website, Pulp Fiction Renaissance that studies and examines Warrior Class stories. Check out our Mission Statement HERE
  • See my three-part article on the unique quality of the War Story in the Western World HERE, HERE, and HERE. Special emphasis is placed on the importance of the Iraq and Afghanistan legacy. 
  • Finally, check out five chapters of my dramatic fiction writing techniques to see how I put doctrine into action! 

If you’re sick of the average literary hacks who don’t understand the kind of story you want to tell, then I’ve got great news for you:

You’ve found the Premier Craftsman of the Inspiring, Fighting, Heroic War Story

I look forward to working with you in the future!


Richard Barrett 


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