Jericho Bone: Introduction

Fruit of the Deceiver and Forty Hands of Night,

2nd Edition  Omnibus Collection 

 The Jericho Bone  

By James Lafond

A Punch Buggy Book  

According to the travelling doctor Abd al-Latif,  in the year 1201, the old, the young and the fat  were devoured by fellow Egyptians in a  cannibalistic hunt that lasted a year and  annihilated entire communities.  

The causes remain unknown. 

The forces of evil unleashed by this horrible  feast remain unknown. 

The Jericho Bone tells the Good Doctor’s tale  and suggests answers to the unanswerable  through the eyes of an ancient tribal general, a  bloody-handed envoy of the Caliph, a fisherman,  four doctors, a bookseller, a donkey boy, a slave  girl sold for her flesh rather than her  companionship, a ruthless adventurer, a  loquacious midwife, a wicked noblewoman, and  a wet nurse attempting to save the last baby in  Cairo from those who would dine upon the  innocent. 

 The Jericho Bone  

The Original Cover 

An Arabian Terror Tale 

Fruit of The Deceiver Omnibus Edition

Dust Cover 

In the year 1201, in the midst of the worst  famine in recorded history, the adults of Egypt  waged a war of extermination upon its children.  Nearly every child of one of the wealthiest and  militarily secure nations on earth, was hunted,  captured, killed, and then eaten, by strangers,  parents, and grandparents. Though the poor had  nothing else to eat but their young and their dead,  the wealthy engaged in child-eating—as well as the  gourmet preparation of overweight people—as a  culinary art.  

The travelling doctor, Abd al-Latif, left a  detailed, yet reluctant, account of this year of grisly  feasting. This is his story. 

This omnibus edition includes the novella  Fruit of The Deceiver, the novel Forty Hands of  Night, the never before published vignette Seeds of  The Deceiver, and the short The Journal of Abd al Latif. 

 The Jericho Bone  

Copyright 2016 James LaFond 

A PunchBuggy Books Publication 

Portions originally serialized at 

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Inspired by the zombie crusader art of Jason Lenox  and the writings of Abd al-Latif 

I would like to thank Jason for graciously suggesting and permitting the use of his inspirational art for the cover of the First Edition. 

The cover for this edition was prepared with the aid of Jamie King. 

Edited by Danica Lorencz 


For Gerard, unforgotten 

And Also For… 

“The children of the poor, those who were  young or already grown and had no one at all to  care for them or look after them, were scattered  through all parts of the town, even in the narrowest  side streets, like locusts in the countryside. The  poor, men and women alike, lay in wait for these  unhappy children, carried them off and ate them…”  

“…Nothing was more common than this kind of  thing, and it would be difficult to find in the length  and breadth of Egypt, even among people who live  cloistered in monasteries, or women who spend  

their lives in the zenana, anyone who has not been  eye-witness to such atrocities. Moreover,  everybody knows that there were grave-robbers  who ate or sold the bodies they dug up.”  

-Abd al-Latif, Useful and instructive reflections on things  that I have seen and events that I have witnessed in Egypt.

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