Prentice Dolphin Chapter 10


The tale of Prentice Dolphin’s Procession against the  Hinterbeast and Justice Claret’s Crusade against the  Heathen will continue along the perilous course of  alchemical inquiry, in service to the Universal Church,  according to the will of Almighty God, with the blessings of the Living Blood of Jesus Christ, and the  illuminating presence of the Holy Ghost.  

Thence the Thirteen Souls to survive the Battle of  Barbary, shall seek into Deepest Heathenry after the  Spawning Grounds of Satan’s earthly Minions and  there run the Devil to ground once and for all among  his Wicked Children.  

“Father in heaven, it is right that we should give You  thanks and glory: 

Through all eternity You live in  

unapproachable light. 

Countless hosts of angels stand before You  

to do Your will; 

They wonder at Your splendor 

And praise Your power to bring the blessed day 

From the unhallowed well of night.”

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