What a Witch Doctor Knew About Pulp Fiction!

I’m on a road trip across America traveling back home from the sunny southern climes of Florida. I was down there for three months doing hurricane clean up in the wake of Hurricane Ian. 

As I travel across the country, I find myself visiting old friends and haunts from the past strewn all across the South, East, and Midwest of these United States. 

And in visiting these people and places, I find myself reflecting on how I have changed and grown over the years. 

The funny thing about change is, a lot of people get it all wrong. I know I did for a long time. 

You see, what change means is that an Acorn grows into an Oak Tree. It doesn’t grow into a Cactus. When you change, you are still you, just a better version of yourself…or a worse version if you go the wrong way! 

This fact hit me like a freight train when a text came in from an old friend as I pulled my 2007 Honda Pilot into an NC Cracker Barrel for a pit stop…


One of my best friends and mentors is a White Hypnotist from the Dark Continent…the South African Witch Doctor! Her appellate is good natured: I’ve known her for 16 years. Her son’s are brothers to me, and to me she’s a second mom. 

She sent me a decidedly un-Pulp Fiction video that was distributed with a warning: “I almost didn’t send this to you because it sounds very hippy!” 

She decided to send it anyway because the un-Pulp Fiction package had some very Pulp Fiction kind of advice: 

“A shift from doing to being, then doing becomes an expression of being.” 


When I heard those words, it was like a brick slamming through a plate glass window. Talk about a lightning bolt “Eureka!” moment! 

Immediately I thought of Julius Evola, the Arch-Mythologist of the Indo-European Warrior Experience who explains the Secret of Pulp Fiction so well. 

You see, Evola equated the Being of the Indo-European Warrior with the Immovable Rock, which his Warrior Actions naturally emanated from.

We see this truth illustrated in grammar too. The noun drives the verb to act upon the direct object. The noun is Being, the verb is Action, and the Direct Object is the thing that the Being Acts upon! 

For years though, this truth was lost to me…with dire consequences!


You see, I had a big problem. During my study of Philosophy in College from 2014-2018, I found myself pitting Action against Being. 

That was a big mistake.

Why did I do this? 

Well, the Woke Postmodernist Academics in College said they wanted to abolish Binary Oppositions to create their vision of a sick transgender world void of all boundaries. 

They said this nightmare world borne of their fever dreams would be the triumph of pure Being.

I immediately realized that without Binary Oppositions, you can’t slay the Predatory Dragon and save the Foreign Priestess-Princess in peril. 

And if a world void of  Binary Oppositions is the triumph of Being, as the Postmodernists said, then I began to think that Being must be bad. 

If Being was bad, then Action would have to be good…and then once again we have a Being Dragon and an Action Knight slug it out Binary Opposition style!

This was my chain of logic.

But like a math question, if you get the first number in the equation wrong, your final answer will be jacked, no matter how much work you did.

And the first number?

It was beyond jacked! 


The reality is, Being drives Action. There can be no Action taken without a Being to initiate it. 

And what’s more, if you see a certain type of Being, you know they will take a certain type of Action, because only certain types of Beings are capable of certain types of Actions.

Subconsciously, I knew this. And this subconscious truth was desperately trying to climb to my Conscious Surface. 

Sitting in that North Carolina Cracker Barrel, I realized that this subconscious truth was reflected in my long-standing interests in Jungian Archetypes that began after reading Christopher Booker’s monumental masterpiece, The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories in July 2015. 

My research on this topic reached its pinnacle in an interview I gave with filmmaker Daniel Knudsen on his podcast, The Void, in July 2018. 

This subconscious truth was further reflected in my interests in Zodiacs as a personality classification system. It all started as a joke reading of horoscopes out of a Farmer’s Almanac between me, Mom, and Dad on the 4th of July, 2018 watching fireworks! 

My interest in this topic flourished the next month in August 2018 after reading Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes by Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox. Strange and unexpected life events led it to mature in February of 2022 into a full-blown understanding. 

Finally, this subconscious truth was further reflected in my growing interests in genetics and their influence on genetic ancestral populations in regards to warfighting culture, marital culture, and political organizations. This interest began in the Summer of 2018 and continues on to this day. 

And these interests finally led me to the Conscious Truth of Being and Action, sitting in a Cracker Barrel in North Carolina!


Let’s take a look at it from the Pulp Fiction perspective. 

The Indo-European Warrior is a particular type of Being who fights Confrontationally, which is a particular type of Action. 

And his entire mode of life, from Marital Culture to Political Culture, springs from this Warfighting Culture of Confrontational Actions in combat. 

This is because only a particular type of Being is capable of a particular kind of Action. Particular Actions don’t exist in a void without a particular kind of Beings! 

So in the beginning, I had it wrong! If I want the Action of slaying the Predatory Dragon to save the Foreign Priestess-Princess, then I’ve got to have a particular kind of Knightly Being to do it! 

The truth of Action is not destroyed by Being. It is illuminated by Being!

And the stories that reflect these Beings in Action?

You guessed it…Pulp Fiction

Who would have thought it would take a Witch Doctor to teach me this in a North Carolina Cracker Barrel?

Anybody who reads Pulp Fiction…that’s who!


Richard Barrett


Written at 10:51 PM in a Fredericksburg, VA Applebees

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