The Strategic Secret of Strength and Health!

If you’ve read “7 Rules for 7 Years: The Pulp Fiction Strength and Health Doctrine”, then you know that my fitness system for the fighting man is the product of many mentors over the years. 

I didn’t just pull it out of thin air: I stand on the shoulders of giants! 

And each one has contributed in a unique way to one of two different arenas in Strength and Health. 

Just what are those two arenas you ask? 

The Strategic and the Tactical


From 2012-2016, I lived in Stafford, Virginia, right outside of the Marine Base at Quantico.

Boy, was that a magical time. 

Everybody in the area was either a Marine based out of Quantico, or an Army Soldier based out of the Pentagon 45 minutes North in DC. 

From neighbors to Church deacons and volunteers, these Iraq and Afghanistan War Heroes shaped the way I think in big ways. 

And one of these ways is the dichotomy of the Strategic and the Tactical

The Strategic is the big picture…the principles, the systems, the foundation of which everything is built on.

The Tactical is where the rubber meets the road…the tips and tricks and specific techniques that are put into action to make the Strategic and flesh and blood reality!


Now there’s two big rules that you’ve got to know about the Strategic and the Tactical…

The First Rule is…great Tactics cannot outrun a terrible Strategy. 

Strategy comes first, because Strategy sets the goals for the Tactical Execution. Strategy also answers the big question: “Why?” 

The Second Rule is…the best Strategy can only be maximized with the best Tactics. 

You can accomplish the best Strategy with poor Tactics. You can do it, and it will work. But not as good as it should be.

If you marry up the best Tactics to the best Strategy, you have an unstoppable machine. 

With these vital facts under your belt, you’re probably asking yourself: 

“Just how have each of the Heroes of Strength and Health contributed to the Strategic and the Tactical in your system, Richard?” 


For me, my Number #1  biggest Strategic Thinker in the Strength and Health field is Zach Even-Esh

Zach Even-Esh is a Strength and Conditioning Coach who has instructed at Middle School, High School, Division I College, Tier 1 Military, and Federal Law Enforcement levels. 

He’s a no B.S., in the trenches kinda guy who realistically understands the atrocious state of fitness in the GenX, Millennial, Zoomer Populations today. 

He brings a rare breed of humility and tenacity to the table…he meets you where you’re at, and pushes you where you need to go. 

And just like me, he didn’t get his hard-won wisdom without mentors. 

One of his biggest mentors and closest friends is the Strength Coach Legend Jim Wendler. He shared something very simple with Zach Even-Esh that, when I heard it via his Instagram page, changed the way I view the Strength and Health Game.

It’s a very simple concept encapsulated in a very simple phrase.

But the truth within lies the Strategic Secret of Strength and Health. 

What is that Secret you ask?


The Strategic Secret is this: 

“Athlete the Lower, Bodybuild the Upper.” 

As I have recounted here before, lack of upper body strength is a guaranteed way to get killed on the mats in the Grappling game. 

But today, fitness influencers and “movement professionals” are pushing the propaganda that you don’t need upper body strength…especially horizontal pushing strength! 

It’s a lie though, and if you buy it, you’ll pay a heavy price. 

Because  if you don’t want the shame and humiliation of being trapped beneath higher ranked belts in the BJJ world, then upper body strength is a must! 


As for “Athlete the Lower”, that’s an entire article in and of itself

But that story is for another time!

Until then, take the advice passed down from Jim Wendler to Zach Even-Esh, to me and now to you!

“Athlete the Lower, Bodybuild the Upper!”

It’s the Strategic Secret to Strength and Health!

Pulp Fiction Power to you, my friends!


Richard Barrett


Written 12:06 AM somewhere in the USA…

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