Prentice Dolphin Introduction

Prentice Dolphin

An Epic Mission of Soliloquy

By James Lafond

Copyright 2020 James LaFond 

A Crackpot Book: Lynn Lockhart Publisher  

Dust Cover 

Prentice Dolphin was born an orphan and reared in  the Seminary Order of Pure Intent at the Humarium of  Soliloquy. Steeped in High Morality and Deep  Empathy, Prentice Dolphin, 671st of his rank and  fourth of his name, had long expected to be assigned  to curation of the Mysteries. Such a task, edifying his  mind among the Grand Calligraphies and Alchemical  Masterpieces of his successors, synced with his  sense of purpose and piqued his selfish thirst for the  Lore of Yore, a sense of wonder concerning the days  of an elder age when the Ghosts of Titans yet  haunted the Ether Awe, when savage marauders  scourged good lands—when a beast named Rendall stalked long-darkened halls. 

Then, on October Eve, as the fearful snows roared  south and east into the Lands of Men, a banner cast  its shadow across the threshold of Soliloquy, a banner  born by the Bannerman of Justice Claret, the Realm’s  Crusader of First Renown. Something beyond respite  lurked above the ever-baleful snows. More than a  sword would be required to right this icy wrong. A  Prentice of Soliloquy must light the inner way for the  slave of the sword, to forever cast into shadow the  sins of Wicked Yore.

“So Grendel ruled defiant of right, 

One against all, against the great hall  

standing empty, walls a roost for kites. 

For twelve wintry seasons of woe-fall…” 


Adapted from translations by Heaney and McNamara

For my Woman I the Night Sky, who finally came to  me on one lonely, sun-kissed day, not far from an  unhallowed bay.  

Thank you—for an hour and more lived.


The construction of the final cathedral against the  Hinterbeast and its Blight, some 200 years before the  Elevation and Induction of Prentice Dolphin, moved  the Order to Christen it Soliloquy, after the inner  

discipline of their calling, which is expressed in silent  prayer, soul-searching, memorization of histories and  mysteries, and, if the Prentice is confirmed in his  solitude, voiced words intended for no ear other than  his and the Powers of the Trinity, Almighty God,  

Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, via their Compassionate  Vessel, The Blessed Mother Mary. 

Within the text, the soliloquys of Prentice Dolphin are  indicated by single ‘quotations.’ 

The liturgy Within the Sanctuary: The Mass, was first  published in 1918, by Our Lady of Angels Association,  Niagara, N.Y, re-issued in 1972 under Bishop  

McNulty of Buffalo, gifted to Mary L. Kern, inherited by  her daughter Madeline Kern in 2003, and thence by  her grandson, the author, in August 2019.  

By chance, the three segments of this book written  today worded out at: 1,243, 593, 153,  

A coincidence I am sure, but not in the world of  

Prentice Dolphin.  

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