Road Killing: Planet Buzzkill Introduction

Road  Killing 

Two Roadborne Novels:

Planet  Buzzkill and

Dancing on The Edge

Dust cover  

Includes the short novels: 

Planet Buzzkill 

A Working Class Guide to Man’s Final Hours 

Fat Girl Dancing 

The Spirit of Martha May Wilson 

“James LaFond has a radically deviant mind, so  much so that I pity anyone who crosses him, or  works for him.” 

-D.L., proofreader  

“I couldn’t think of anything more worthwhile  to read than a story about some fat bitch  running over hood rats in a muscle car.” -Steevo Bristol, grocery clerk

Copyright 2015 James LaFond 

A Punch Buggy Books Publication 

For more information about the author go to 

Proofed by Danica Lorencz

Planet  Buzzkill

A Working Class Guide to

Mankind’s Final Hours


Have you grown tired of alien invasion and zombie  apocalypse fiction where mankind is represented  by secret agents, astronauts, hero cops, military  men, do-gooders and psychopaths? Have you ever  thought to yourself, ‘If it really happened, how  would me and these knuckleheads around me make  out?’ 

Wonder no more! In 2012 urban violence guru,  Harm City author, and self-proclaimed extra terrestrial anthropologist, James LaFond, boarded a  Baltimore City bus, looked around at the dozen  strangers on the bus, assigned them names,  observed them over the next month, and then put  them center stage in First Contact: A Working Class  Guide To Mankind’s Final Hours. Read if you dare,  as a busload of ordinary Baltimoreans are selected  by cruel Fate to make mankind’s last stand against  a vast intergalactic intelligence.

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