Secrets to Writing Pulp Fiction Writing!

At Pulp Fiction Renaissance, we write Pulp Fiction! But just how do we do it? 

What are the secrets to this unique and awe-inspiring genre…and how can an aspiring writer create installments of his own? 

Well to understand the truth, you’ve got to forget a few things you were taught in school…

The Book that taught Richard Barrett the secrets of writing Pulp Fiction!


I’ve been reading Pulp Fiction for a very long time. I’ve analyzed it for a long time, too. But it was only recently, in fact, within the last month, that I felt that I really understood what makes the genre tick.

No, I’m not talking about Big Picture Themes and Plots. Those are things I’ve written about on here before, and will continue to write about in the future!

But no, what I’m talking about here is the nitty-gritty, the-meat-and-potatoes reality that hits you like a brick through a plate glass window…

That thing that when you read it, you know it’s what makes it great, but you don’t exactly know what it is or why!

Lucky for you, you’re about to find out! 


Without further ado, here are my very own “tactical” secrets to writing Pulp Fiction!

  • Use simple sentences.
  • Keep them short.
  • When expanding simple sentences, use prepositional phrases, and stack them 2-3 +! 
  • Use adjectives and adverbs liberally. 
  • Use -ly words!
  • Use 1 adjective per noun, and use 1 adverb per action verb. 
  • The same goes for -ly words!
  • Descriptive paragraphs combine physical qualities with animal totems and key psychological characteristics. 
  • Key psychological characteristics foundation for heroes: a continuum between Apollion Order and Martian Passion. 
  • Add other psychological characteristics over this continuum foundation.
  • Write descriptive paragraphs off of pictures. 


There you have it. It’s a list that breaks every rule in the book. 

I told you at the beginning you’d have to forget everything you learned in school. 

Don’t worry, your grammar teacher will be alright. She’ll survive your rebellion–and in fact, you will be too. 

Because when you embrace the secrets found in the list above, you’ve liberated yourself from silly world of Modernist and Postmodernist literary slavery…

And broken free into the world of Indo-European Western Warrior fiction! 

Besides…why shouldn’t the very verbal lifeblood of the genre break all the rules?

The genre itself turns over every assumption and value known to 21st Century wo-man!

So happy reading and writing my fellow Pulp Fiction fans! 

May this list help you appreciate the Pulp Fiction that you love…and inspire you to create your own!


Richard Barrett

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