Why Write and Read Pulp Fiction?

At Pulp Fiction Renaissance, it’s Pulp Fiction all the time…and that means more than you think!

Getting beyond the surface, today we address a very important question: why write and read Pulp Fiction?

The word “fiction”, it gets a bum wrap these days. People think it means something that’s just not true, something silly, something entertaining. 

Oh sure, it “has its place”, people say. And what place is that you might ask?

At the bottom of the totem pole! 


But the truth is, Pulp Fiction should be at the very top of the totem pole…the very eagle crowning the whole kit n’ kaboodle! 

Why is that, you ask? 

Because Pulp Fiction gives men today a thing our freakish Postmodern friends call “Models of Masculinity.” 

What the heck does that mean?

That’s just a fruity way of saying…Ideals and Role Models to aspire to. 

And Role Models and Ideals? 

Well, they’re in desperate short supply. 


You see, in today’s world, men get just as bum of a wrap as does fiction…even worse. 

They’re told they’ve either got to be effeminate losers or thuggish gangsters. Guys with a moral compass, well, they usually fall for the effeminate loser category. 

They go through life as submissive slaves, mentally desperate and morally destitute. 

They’ve got no idea how it can be better, how they can be free, live with honor, and gain the happiness that comes from Self-Confidence, Self-Control, and Courage. 

Well my friends, that time is now over, because Pulp Fiction is here to show you the way.

From the original tales told in the 1920s and 1930s, to the new tales of the Pulp Fiction Renaissance of today by the likes of James Lafond and yours truly…

…This literary genre gives you a glimpse of something better to grasp for yourself, and so like the Pulp Fiction  heroes of old…

You can break free of your chains!

Happy Reading, my friends! 

And may all your dreams of heroism and daring-do come true!


Richard Barrett

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