The Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast #5: WWI!

Real Life Captured Footage of James Lafond and Richard Barrett on a Podcast signed by Edgar Rice Burroughs (2021, Colorized)

Richard Barrett and James Lafond travel to the trenches of the Western Front to explore how WWI influenced the combatants and their writings in Pulp Fiction and Mythology!

A timely podcast with overtones relevant to the current military disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan today.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • How Richard Barrett wrote his first book on WWI…
  • His negative reception by academia his freshman year of college…
  • How James Lafond’s friend wrote his thesis on German Diplomacy in WWI…
  • How James Lafond learned the big picture of WWI through historical wargames…
  • How Richard wanted to write a WWI book completely different than what he had seen before…
  • The difference between the British Army and German Army training…
  • How the United States adopted the German model to disaster…
  • How this model made us lose Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan…
  • James Lafond reveals the real reason why we used the failed German model…
  • The origins and future of the Mercenary Contractor conundrum…
  • How James Lafond and Richard Barrett define Romanticism…
  • And much, much  more!

Our podcast gets cut off at the 1:27:42 mark. We pick it up and wrap it up with a final 30 minute session, included here!

You won’t want to miss this podcast that is “an inch wide, and a mile deep”!

Richard Barrett’s opus magnus on WWI, “The Forgotten History of WWI: From the Dark Ages to 1939:

James Lafond’s “The Seven Faces of the Hero”:

Ernst Junger’s “The Glass Bees”:

Big Myths on WWI:

A scholarly starting point on the nuances of the British training model:

John Nagl on the British Model vs. German Model in Vietnam:

Erik Prince of Blackwater in his own words:,

Norvelle B. De Atkine on how we set up our Middle East allies for failure :

Will Wright’s “Six Guns and Society” on the role of skill in the Western:

Roland Barthes on the Good Guy/Bad Guy dichotomy in Pro Wrestling:

The story of James Bond Stockdale:

James Bond Stockdale’s ethos in his own words:

Objective and Subjective Romanticism:,understood%20from%20no%20particular%20viewpoint.&text=The%20romantic%20emphasis%20on%20art,view%20of%20some%20Enlightenment%20figures.

Learn Who Pulp Fiction Renaissance is:…

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