The Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast #6: Military Science Fiction!

Real Life Captured Footage of James Lafond and Richard Barrett on a Podcast signed by Edgar Rice Burroughs (2022, Colorized)

The Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast #6: Military Science Fiction!

Richard Barrett and James Lafond are back to take you on an adventure into the wild, wild world of Military Science Fiction! 

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Why Pirates really wore eye patches…
  • James Lafond’s contribution to the field of Military SF…
  • When Military SF becomes Horror…
  • Why James’s Lafond’s favorite Conan movie is Predator…
  • How Richard stumbled across the hidden Military SF in Dr. Who…
  • Why the “Predatory Sorcerer element is the key to Military SF…
  • James reveals the true honor of the Predatory Hunter…
  • Richard reveals the hidden symbolism within the Starship Troopers movie…
  • And much, much more! 

So grab your ray gun, strap into your space ship, and watch your back for things that go bump in the night in this installment of the Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast! 

Buy James Lafond’s Military Sci-Fi Masterpiece, Ire and Ice: Winter and A White Christmas:

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