Forget the Exercise Bike: Ramali Dambal Swings to Victory!

I absolutely love the Rumali Dambal Swing as taught by Tom Billinge of WarYoga fame. 

In certain fitness circles today, the Bicep Curl has gotten a bad wrap as being an “unathletic” exercise. They say it doesn’t do anything for full body sports or combat power.

I admit it: I myself have bought into this doctrine. And I have to say: it’s a little extreme. It’s based on the “don’t do isolation exercises, only compound exercise” doctrine. 

In the end, this misguided doctrine that rejects bicep curls really cuts down on your arm strength and hampers your ability to do any kind of upper body presses and pulls…much less control your opponents in Grappling! 

However, I have to admit that the anti-bicep curl crowd has a point.

There’s gotta be a way to make it more athletic, without losing its arm power benefits…

Enter the Rumali Dambal Swing!


I love the Rumali Dambal Swing for many reasons. 

First, it’s a great Strength Endurance exercise. The Hammer Curl type motion really allows you to accustom yourself shoulders to the build up of lactic acid for high reps. 

This is absolutely critical both in Grappling, where your shoulders power your control of your opponent, as well as Boxing, where your shoulders getting tired from lactic acid build up is one of the biggest dangers to the Sweet Science practitioners! 

Second, the Hammer Curl type motion at the shoulders really allows you to work your lats, which is critical to balance out the vital horizontal pushing movements you need in Grappling as well as Straight Punches in Boxing! 

But that’s not all the Rumali Dambal Swing does…

Not by a long shot!


By adding in the rotational movement at the hips and spine, the Rumali Dambal Swing fixes the lack of athleticism in the classic Bicep Curl of bodybuilding fame! 

These rhythmic rotational movements cover both External Hip Rotation and the ever-important Internal Hip Rotation in the Transverse Plane.

This is critical to prepare the body for the twisting and turning motions of Grappling, and even more so in generating power for all punches in Boxing

And on top of that, it allows you to get into a rhythmic motion that allows you to do this exercise for high reps…giving you a cardio workout to raise your heart rate in the process!

So forget the exercise bike…Rumali Dambal Swings are the way to go for Combat Sports Victory! 

Try them today, and if you like them, then check out Tom Billinge’s fantastic book on the Beliefs and Workouts of the Indo-European Warriors of Yesterday and the Indian Wrestlers of Today, WarYoga

It will blow your mind…change the way you approach Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sports forever!

Pulp Fiction Power to you, my friends!


Richard Barrett


Written at 9:52 PM at an Applebee’s somewhere in the USA…

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