The Simple Truth About Breaking Down Your Boxing and Wrestling Strength Training

Jabbing in Boxing and Arm Drags/Shoulder Control in Wrestling are the same thing:

They both set you up for the Rear Power Punches in Boxing and Takedowns in Wrestling respectively. 

In Boxing, this is literally Pushing. And in Wrestling this is literally Pulling.

This simple understanding will change how you look at your strength training for Boxing and Wrestling forever! 


That’s why the Late Great Strongman Bud Jeffries explained that for Striking, he liked to “emphasize pressing, squatting, and abdominal work.”[1] 

“These things will help you generate the most power in strikes,” he explained in his landmark book, Super Strength & Endurance for Martial Arts, “And also emphasize footwork in your agility and conditioning movements.”[2]

Contrarily for Grappling, Bud Jeffries liked to train “pulling movements” and “work with stones.”[3] 

This was because, as he put it, “The ability to manipulate a heavy odd object is probably one of the best builders of the ability to grapple against another human being.”[4] 

In my experience, this has proven very, very true!  


So there you have it…the Simple Truth about breaking down your own Boxing and Wrestling strength training! 

And for more profound insights on this topic, check out the Late Great Strongman Bud Jeffrie’s masterpiece, Super Strength & Endurance for Martial Arts today!

Pulp Fiction Power to you, my friends!


Richard Barrett


Written at 1:24 PM in an Applebee’s somewhere in the USA…


[1] Jeffries, Bud. Super Strength & Endurance for Martial Arts. Createspace, 2012. Pg. 136. 

[2] Ibid. Pg. 136. 

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